Generally speaking warranties provide consumers with a guarantee that the Airsoft Gun they purchase will be repaired or replaced if a defect should crop up that is determined to be the fault of the manufacturer.

What is covered?

As a manfaucturer, we are here to cover:

The manufacturer is essentially promising to cover:

  • Manufacturing flaws or problems with workmanship.
  • Defective materials or parts.

What is NOT covered?

If the fault occurred due to an accident, misuse, exposure to liquid or any other external factor that you could be held responsible for then they probably aren’t going to honor the warranty. If you have tampered with the gun or attempted a repair yourself and your action invalidates the warranty.

Since Airsoft Gun can differ significantly from region to region in terms of hardware and configuration. If you buy an import or purchase an Airsoft Gun from abroad then don’t expect the warranty to be honored in your own country. You may be expected to ship it back to the country where you bought it to make a claim and that can be prohibitively expensive. The terms of the warranty are governed by the country and the seller in which it was purchased. Please always follow the sellers warranty after purchase.

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