Non Blow Back (AEG)

Non Blow Back (AEG)


APS New ASR Series IV is now available!

In order to fulfil the customer’s demand and preference on traditional AEG guns, APS opened a brand new series called ASR Series IV where the guns all come as standard with a Non-BlowBack function.

Embrace the traditional

Even though APS is company who love new innovative new concept ideas and create amazing new products fit for purpose, we cannot totally ignore our traditional customer demands and roots. The guns under ASR Series 4 are all ™ compatible standard AEG's. All the parts are fully compatible with most aftermarket AEG accessories. Externally we use a standard AR-15 Pistol Grip. internally, we use a 100% TM compatible Gear Box and adding a quick spring change system to fulfil customer and site requirements. Other than that, the ASR Series IV guns are comparable to most other AEG guns on the market.

Future upgrades available

Even though the guns under the Series IV banner are standard M4 models, all of them come with a rear wire system and crane stock which allow users to have more options with after market modifications and accessories. Customers can modify the guns with a stylish slim hand guard without unnecessary worrying about the battery location. Last but not least, users can still enable a blowback function by just changing a blowback plate that can be provided by APS. The process of installing the blowback plate is very easy, simply unscrewing one screw will turn your gun from a standard AEG to an EBB.

Saves battery and improves performance

When compared to Electric BlowBack guns, non BlowBack AEG's have a lower ampere demand. a lower ampere demand means less loading on your battery, therefore extending the playtime of your gun. In addition, the gear rotation has the best positioning under Semi Auto mode, thus improving the rate of fire and smoothness of your shooting. According to our testing, the guns achieved 390 FPS with only a 10A loading.

Inherit the advance feature from  our standard ASR EBB Guns

The ASR Series IV inherits many of the the advance features from our traditional APS EBB guns. For instance, a full metal body, full metal gear box, full metal hop up, 6.04mm precision inner barrel, metal bushings….etc. Be aware that our ASR Series IV is not a downgrade version of standard APS EBB guns, it inherits all the advance features from its sister range.

Marketing under the brand of “Kompetitor”

ASR Series IV will be marketed under “Kompetitor” brand name. In 2014, Kompetitor will become APS’s main product line covering a different range of our products, for example our AUG, Plastic EBB M4 Series and Metal AEG M4 Series. We will be doing a full advertising and marketing campaign in 2014

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Non Blow Back M4A1 Style
NON BLOW BACK VERSION   ASR401 is a traditional M4A1 style gun commonly used by the majority of both serious and new airsoft players due to the wealth of aftermarket accessories available for it. With the help of our patented HYBRiD Gear Box. This non blow back airsoft gun generates ..
Non Blow Back M4 CQB Style
NON BLOW BACK VERSION   One of the most important design breakthroughs of  our ASR402 is the double layout design of RIS Hand Guard. Unlike a traditional RIS Hand Guard, our ASR402 Hand Guard can be divided into two parts. The bigger upper parts and the smaller lower parts...
Non Blow Back CQB / R Style
NON BLOW BACK VERSION   Similar to the ASR402, ASR403 has a unique double layout design of RIS Hand Guard. It has an even shorter barrel than our other APS AEG rifles making it great for shooting round corners right or left handed. .Last but not least. the ASR403 has PRI front sight ..
Non Blow Back M4 RIS Style
NON BLOW BACK VERSION   The new ASR404 is similar to our  ASR402. In addition it has a double RIS Hand Guard layout design but a longer barrel than the ASR402. Even though the ASR404 and ASR402 have the same velocity and firing power. The longer barrel of ASR404 can overcome the..
Non Blow Back M933 Style
NON BLOW BACK VERSION   Another flagship model in our ASR Series. Similar to his sister model the ASR401, the ASR405 is an excellent weapon for CQB games. Many after market accessories can be mounted on our ASR405. For example, flip up sight, folding battle sights, flashlights, laser..
Non Blow Back Raptor Style
Non Blow Back Version Introducing the ASR407 "RAPTOR". This gun has been equipped with an APS latest HYBRiD Gear Box and brand new Hop Up unit. Battery support involves a stick type stock tube Li Po Battery placed in the butt stock.This gun comes with our latest Free Float Slim RIS hand guard..
Non Blow Back S.Armatus Style
Non Blow Back Version The ASR409 S.ARMATUS. This gun has been equipped with an APS latest HYBRiD Gear Box and brand new Hop Up unit. Battery support involves a stick type stock tube Li Po Battery placed in the butt stock tube.This gun comes with our latest Free Float Slim RIS hand guard T..
Non Blow Back Mini Patriot Style
Non Blow Back Version Mini Patriot - Small, short and perfectly formed. The flexible ASR406 is the ultimate fun weapon for CQB games involving lots of tight spaces and corners, using vehicles for cover and tunnel warfare etc. Because of it's compact and lightweight design, airsoft players..
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