ASK Series

ASK Series

The APS ASK Series

The legendary AK47. Iconic, deadly, incredibly reliable and probably the most widely used automatic assault weapon of the modern age. Invented in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov, it was a selective-fire 7.62x39 mm assault rifle that captured the imagination of the world by storm not to mention nearly every action and war film in the last 40 years. More AK type weapons have been produced than all other assault weapons combined.

APS have long been in awe of the AK range of weapons and have endeavoured to capture its essence in our range of all metal and wood guns. Our designers have meticulously and painstakingly studied and copied the finer details of the Kalashnikov gun to bring you our amazing and unique selection of AK weapons.

Whether your a fan of the long barrelled AK47 or a keen follower of the diminutive AK74, APS have an AK airsoft weapon to suit all tastes. Our 6.04 barrel on all our ASK series ensure an unparalleled accuracy out in the field or CQB arena. Utilising our new reliable HYBRID all metal gearbox, our ASK range will give you a fast rate of fire and yet a really low demand on your battery. Coupled with the ultra realistic Electric blow back feature found on many of our models and you have the look, feel and tactile pleasure of firing one of the worlds real icons.

The ASK range of weapons are fully after market compatible allowing the user to customise their weapon with a plethora of after market options and add-ons. Included on certain ASK models is a unique real wood grain finish on stock or hand guard making each weapon individual and unrivalled on the airsoft battlefield.

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Tactical PMC AK74 Black
APS's exacting manufacturing standards introduce the new ASK series. The new ASK design combines the advantages of our M16 series with the iconic an legendary AK series. which is commonly used by PMC. This latest design includes a "quick spring release magazine" and Speed Fire Selector with ..
Real Wood AK74
This is a typical "bad guys" weapon in Airsoft games. This real metal gun with wood finish will have you feeling very Eastern Bloc. The Hand Guard and Butt Stock are made with real wood. The size and weight of the gun is very close to a real AK. This provides extreme realism and is great fun..
Real Wood AK74M
Similar to the ASK201, the APS ASK202 (AK74M) has the same velocity and rate of fire. However, the main difference is that ASK202 has foldable metal triangle butt stock which allows users to play under different battle scenarios like CQB or Urban warfare as well as woodland skirmishes. An in..
Real Wood AK74M with Scope Mount
Similar to ASK202. It also has the foldable butt stock and same firing power as ASK202. But this mode has a rail mount on the left hand side of the body for adding an AK scope mount. This gives your AK74M the ability to pick off targets from a distance and then get "up close and personal" us..
Tactical AK74 Black
The Tactical version of AK rifle. The Hand Guard on this gun has a 20mm Mil-Std-1913 rail system which allows players to mount different accessories. ASK204p comes completely in Black. The heavy-duty looks and the metal body makes the gun look awesome and menacing. The butt stock can be fold..
Real Wood AK 74U
The true CQB version of our ASK Series. Its short barrel and foldable butt stock make this AKSU the perfect weapon for CQB combat. If you are a CQB lover, you need to take a good look at this weapon. This iconic gun takes its rightful place in the airsoft hall of fame. Powerful, versatile an..
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Real Wood AK 47
The legendary AK 47 Weapon. This gun comes as standard with a 600rd High Cap Metal Magazine. The Hand Guard and Butt Stock are made by real wood. The size and weight of the gun are similar to a real AK. This provides extreme realism and is great fun to use for all Airsoft players. The grain of th..
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