Cartridge Ejected Guns

Cartridge Ejected Guns
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Cartridge Airsoft Marker MKII-M
  A new APS Shotgun – CAM MKII-M Cartridge Airsoft Marker is coming in Q2 2017. More features can be found here below: Airsoft Guns powered by Co2 Our CAM MKII-M powers coming from Co2 stored and charged to the bolt.  Standard gun packing comes with 2 cartridge shells w..
Cartridge CAM MKII Red
CAM MKII-RED CAM MKII-RED is a precious Airsoft Shotgun out of the ordinary. The Gold and Red paint job will definitely attract people eye sight. If you want to stand out from traditional plain shotgun, CAM MKII-RED is your choice This CAM MKII-RED has the same quality build as other..
Cartridge MKII Marine Version
CAM MKII-MR – Marine Magnum   CAM MKII-MR is a precious Airsoft Shotgun out of the ordinary. This Marine version CAM MKII is made for user who is hanker for special. This shotgun features in: Unique Ball sight only for Marine Magnum Unique Barrel mount only for Mar..
MKII Any Other Weapon
CAM MKII-AOW CAM MKII is a compact, stockless, pump-action, cartridge ejected Airsoft Shotgun that is powered by Co2, featuring a folding fore grip, 8.5 inch barrel and optional breaching flash hider. This CAM MKII-AOW is unique and named the best little scattergun you found in Airsoft m..
Multi-Cam Cartridge Action Marker
With the idea of hunting and outdoor use, APS made an shotgun that is covered by camouflage.  Licensed Multi-Cam camouflage pattern is being used on this model, this shotgun features in: Full Multi-Cam Camouflage used Stylish Barrel Mount Stylish Magazine Tube Adapter. ..
Police Style CAM MKII Shotgun
CAM MKII-P This CAM MKII-P standard comes with 20" barrel with ball front sight, loading capacity is 4+1 equipped with Polyfiber Forend & Butt Stock. Players could play with this police shotgun gun or buy this gun and convert it for 3 Gun game use.  We believe this new shotg..
Salient Arms International MKII-SAI
SAI870 Shotgun – Salient Arms International Authorized Product. You shouldn’t have any doubt about Salient Arms Products. SAI has long been famous in making upgrade parts for real firearms. Nowadays, SAI is a trademark of high quality upgrade and innovation. In 2016, APS granted the lice..
Tactical Style CAM MKII Shotgun
CAM MKII-T This CAM MKII-T standard comes with 14" barrel with 7" KeyMod Forend,  capacity is 5 +1 equipped with M4 Style Retractable Butt Stock. You can mount accessories like flash light on the KeyMod. The 3 Inch Breaching Flash Hider is an epic Caliber: 6mm BB O..
Zombie Hunter CAM MKII-SF
  CAM MKII-SF Do you want to treat your enemy as a zombie? What Gun could knock them down in one shot? OR a gun could fire 11 rounds of BB simultaneously in one shot? A pump action shotgun with high maneuverability is your choice. APS new Airsoft Guns – CAM MKII-SF is now av..
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