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A Golf Bag ? A Fishing Rod Bag?

APS New Nylon Gun Bag is coming in July 2016

Nowadays, it is hard to find a light gun bag that can keep your long sniper rifle well, except a hard plastic case which is heavy and expensive. APS understand the needs of Airsoft players, so in this year, we made a high quality gun bag with the following cool features:

Team APS Gun Bag

Normal Gun Bag in the market

1) Overall length nearly 120cm

1) Average length 100cm only

2) Overall weight less than 2kg

2) Average 1 – 5kg depends on Nylon or hard case

3) Stand on ground

3) Lie on table only

4) Storage: 2 Rifles + 2 Pistols + Accessories

4) Storage: 1 or 2 Rifles with limited space left

5) Hand Carry + Shoulder Carry + Sling Mount

5) Hand Carry + Shoulder Carry + Sling Mount

6) Water Resistance

6) Water Resistance on hard case only

7) Interior zip bag for keeping your tools

7) NIL



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