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This is a special model which comes with Adjustable Scope and Short Barrel designed for CQB use

In 2013 Q3, APS proudly brought you a brand new “KU” series, including 5 variants. Each gun in this series uses a V3 Gear Box that comes with a quick spring change system. Also, the Bullpup design of the series generates high power with a high degree of realism. Below are the special features of the guns that you must see:

Progressive Trigger

Each gun in the KU series has a progressive trigger design. Pulling the trigger halfway produces semi-automatic fire, while pulling the trigger all the way to the rear produces fully automatic fire. Each gun also includes a safety mechanism (cross-bolt, button type) located immediately above the hand grip. In its “safe” position, the trigger is mechanically disabled. Pressing the safety button to the left exposes a red dot, indicating the weapon is ready to fire. This design is similar to real firearms that use a progressive trigger system.

Gear Box with Quick Spring Change System

With the use of the V3 Gear Box that includes a quick spring change function, the user can easily take the main spring out from the rear. Every gun in this series is designed with an open rear, similar to our UAR. This way the user can simply remove the rear butt plate of the gun and change the main spring easily, without completely opening the gear box.

Full picatinny rail and added texture on the guns body

We designed each weapon in the KU series with a 4-sided picatinny rail, along with added texture on the grip and body of each gun. This gives the user the ability to mount different accessories on the gun, while also adding better overall handling.

High Power Bullpup Design and QD Mount

The Bullpup design gives the firearm a shorter total length, while keeping the same barrel length. This allows for improved maneuverability and reduced weight. The user can attach a longer barrel, which would generate 390 FPS in 0.2g BB. Each gun is available with a QD design on both sides of the butt stock to allow the user to use the QD mount on either the left or right side of the gun.

Adjustable Scope and High degree of realism

Every gun in the KU series is easy to disassemble, just like the real firearm. Each standard gun comes with a foldable front grip, an adjustable scope, or a full tactical rail. The size, weight, and materials used are all similar to the real firearm. 


There are 5 different gun models in the KU series:

KU901 – Civilian Model – Full Metal Rail on the top, available in Black.

KU902 – Military Model – Adjustable Scope on the top, available in OD color.

KU903 – LE Model – Adjustable Scope on the top, available in medium barrel length.

KU904 – Para Model- Adjustable Scope on the top, available in short barrel length.

KU905 – Tactical Model – Full RIS hand guard used, comes with silencer decoration, available in long barrel length.


  1. Caliber: 6mm BB
  2. Inner barrel size: 6.08mm
  3. Energy Source: 8.4v Ni-MH Battery
  4. V3 Quick Change Spring Gear Box Installed
  5. 7mm Metal Bearings
  6. Velocity: 280~390 FPS (Upon Request)
  7. Canadian Version 380 FPS @0.2g BB
  8. Maximum Range: 80 Meters
  9. Effective Range: 30 Meters
  10. Fire Selector:  Progressive Trigger
  11. Plastic Butt Stock, Hand Grip and Magazine
  12. Metal Hand Guard, Gear Box
  13. Rate of Fire: 750 ~ 850 Rounds Per Minute
  14. Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds

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