Cartridge MKII Marine Version

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CAM MKII-MR – Marine Magnum


CAM MKII-MR is a precious Airsoft Shotgun out of the ordinary. This Marine version CAM MKII is made for user who is hanker for special. This shotgun features in:

  1. Unique Ball sight only for Marine Magnum
  2. Unique Barrel mount only for Marine Magnum
  3. Unique Magazine Tube and its adapter only for Marine Magnum
  4. Silver Painted Body with Black Bolt, Butt Stock and Forend
  5. Silver Painted Trigger and safety button
  6. Standard comes with 20” Barrel and 6+ 1 magazine tube

This CAM MKII-MR Marine Magnum has the same quality build as other CAM MKII series. 

  • Caliber: 6mm BB
  • Outer barrel size: 18mm
  • Energy Source: Rechargeable Co2 Gas Bolt
  • Velocity: 220 ~ 250 FPS @ 0.2g BB x 11 (Shower Mode)
  • Maximum Range: 30 Meters
  • Effective Range: 20 Meters
  • Fire Selector: Safe / Fire
  • Plastic Hand Grip and Forend
  • Metal Body
  • Rate of Fire: Pump Action Single Shot
  • Shell Capacity : 7 + 1 Rounds
  • Length 100cm(L) x 12cm(H) x 3.8cm(W)
  • Weight: 2.7 kg


Package includes:


1 x User Manual

1 x 88g Co2 Charging Adapter

2 x Cartridge Shells

1 x Catcher Bag

50 x Wad

50 x Sealing Paper

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