X-Eye Goggles Oliver

Brand: Hakkotsu
Product Code: XE-001
In Stock
Price: $18.00


X-Eye Wide Screen Display

Our X-Eye provides you 260 degree view screen. That means your visibility won't be blocked even with your mask on

Anti Scratch System

Our Lens were coated by special materials, it won't scratch easily, so you can always have a clear sight

Impact Force

Our X-Eye can resist impact force 400ft/sec, it provides good protection for user against BB or Paintball shot. It has passed EN166 CE approved on Eye Protection Test

Light Weight

Our X-Eye are very lights, it is only 0.3 lbs and it can be mounted on Helmet


Because X-Eye has No Fix Frame and Foam. So it is absolutely washable, you can wash and remove the dirty by water easily


Our X-Eye and Iron Face is airy. So user can breath without difficulties

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