R-Type Dynamic Back Up Sight

Brand: APS
Product Code: GG043
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Fiber Optic Side Mounted Sights

Comes with a pair of Fiber Optic side-mounted sights. The use of the side-mounted sights allow someone particularly in Law Enforcement or military to shoot from behind cover at a much lower profile than if you would shoot normal.

It also takes away the problem of sight over bore ratio having the sights and muzzle parallel with your cover rather than perpendicular.

In an Airsoft Games, if you were out of luck that your primary optics sight was out of order, and you did not realize it until you were bringing your weapon up to engage a target., you would have literally killed some one to have the option to have back up sights that were at an offset. A twist of the wrist is much quicker than looking or feeling for a quick release, and you don't have to reacquire your target before pulling the trigger.

Also it does not require you to remove your firing OR non firing hand from your weapon. Those sights can be mounted on either left of right side of the gun by flipping its base to the opposite direction, so it fits left hand or right hand player.

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