Thunder B Multi Pack - 5 Shells

Brand: Hakkotsu
Product Code: TB-06
In Stock
Price: $29.00

TB-06 Multi Shell grenade contains a main core + 5 styles of shells (Pineapple / Cylinder / Dumbbell / Flash Bang / Shocker). So customer can play 5 different styles of grenade in a single package

We will include all style of bottles we have, like Pineapple bottle, Cylinder bottle, Flash Bang bottle, Dumbbell bottle and Thunder Shocks Bottle in the same package. This Package is designed for player who haven’t play Thunder B Grenade before but would like to try all style of grenade bottles before making further purchase. To better understand the Thunder B Grenade, here we provide reference of the grenade bottles in different detonate time and noise level:

* Pineapple bottle, noise level 115db, the detonate time from 4-6 seconds

* Cylinder bottle, noise level 110db, the detonate time from 4 seconds

* Flash Bang bottle, noise level 125db, the detonate time from 4-6 seconds

* Dumbbell bottle, noise level 105db, the detonate time from 2-3 seconds

* Thunder Stocker bottles, noise level 100db, the detonate time from 1 second

  1. 1 x Main Core
  2. 5 x different style of shells
  3. 1 x Safety Pins
  4. 1 x Striker Pins with Trip Wire
  5. 1 x User Manual

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